10 Best Driving Roads in North America


One of the most interesting cultures that is practiced by Americans is taking on road trips across the country. An interesting thing about these American roads is that they prove the opportunity to view the wonders and beauties of nature. You get to cross rivers, oceans, hills and valleys and even go through forest and feel like you are alone in the world. The next time you going on a trip, or travelling across America using the roads, ensure you take some time and detour some of these 10 best driving roads in North America before you get to your destinations.

Route 254-Route 7-Route 26 Loop, Oregon

Of the many great roads on Oregon State, this is one of the best. It has no traffic and one could travel for many miles without seeing a single truck. It also cuts through large acres of forest land on a hilly landscape.

Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

This is a 181 kilometer highway consisting of a series of bridges and roads running from the mainland in Florida down to Key West. The road offers quite a unique experience as you get to travel across a section of the sea.

The San Juan Skyway, US 160, State Highway 145, State Highway 62, U.S. Highway 550 Colorado

This route is a scenic and historic byway. It is surrounded by a wonderful scenery, and mountains proving to be a suitable route for drivers who are looking for a challenge in mountain driving. The road is 233 miles long.

NV 158 to NV157, Mount Charleston, Nevada

Nevada region has one of the best driving roads in the United States, and route NV 158 to NV157 is one of them. Found west of Las Vegas, this road, though short, is one of the best providing access to Mount Charleston and broad view of the landscape.

The Big Sur Coast Highway, Highway 1, California

This road is characterized by amazing curves and wonderful views of the Pacific. The road is 90 miles running along the coastline, through the redwood forest and Limekiln State Park and ends as Carmel River. It is clogged with wonderful thrills.

Route 9W to Storm King Highway, New York

This road is found north of Manhattan, meandering around Bear Mountain State Park. Driving on the route provides Cliffside views of the Hudson River below.

M119, Harbor Springs, Michigan

This route was nicknamed the Tunnel of Trees. Found north of Lake Michigan, the route provides a path through the beautiful and very peaceful green canopy in the area. Provides a perfect connection with nature as one drives through.

Hells Canyon Road, Idaho

The Hells Canyon Road starts from Coopersfield Campground, Oxbow running for 22 miles along the Snake River. The road runs adjacent to the cannon walls the entire way. It however ends at the Hells Canyon Dam from where one has to make a u turn.

San Juan Skyway, Colorado

The San Juan Skyway is a 375-kilometer road cutting across the San Juan National Forest, Uncompahgre, Grand Mesa and Gunnison National Forests. The road provides a perfect view of the quaint towns, San Juan Mountains, the alpine forests and cliffs. You also get great views of the waterfalls crushing down the mountains.

Going-to-the-Sun-Road, Montana

This road cuts across the Glacier National park passing through the valleys, glacial lakes, cedar forests and alpine tundra. It is a two-hour journey filled with magical views of nature.




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