What is Drifting?

Drifting is a driving technique to drive the car at the time of racing. It is the style of car driving in racing competition. Drifting is one of the fastest-growing sports. Drifting is very popular in the world of motorsport. Did you see the Tokyo Drift???? If Yes then I guess you know what drifting is.

The front slip angle is usually smaller than the rear slip angle and the front-wheel moves in the opposite direction. All these parts are controlled by the driver and this technique is known as drifting. A good drifter takes 5 to 6 opposite turns without losing the balance.

The drifting sport started in Japan many years ago on the mountain roads. But in a few years, it has become a popular sport worldwide.

There are many ways of drifting but here we will talk about a few and most usable ways:

How to drift a car?

If you have the rear-wheel drive then choose a manual transmission car (having shifting gears and third pedal for the operating clutch). If you have a rear-wheel drive in your car then drifting is very easy. There are several ways to do drift like power over technique, handbrake slide with cars or clutch kick. If you do the drifting by following advanced techniques then it will be more exciting than your fear.

Here are the steps for drifting a car:

With the help of shifting gears and pedal, you can easily control the engine while doing the drifting. The automatic cars will do these things for you, you don’t have to worry about it. Automatic cars will help you to take control of speed and angles while doing the drifting.

Make you’re drifting easier by choosing a rear-wheel car

In this engine controls the rear wheel only while other engines control the front wheels or four wheels. For drifting this rear-wheel car is perfect!

Use worn-out tires

Use old tires for proper and easy drifting. With new tires, there are chances of sliding. 

Drift a car far away from traffic and public place 

Drifting can take the life of people. While practicing the drifting make sure that you are not doing it in a public place. Drift your car away from public and traffic.

While practicing drifting make sure that you are not harming yourself and surrounding people.

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