A track built for racing of vehicles, athletes or animals known as race tracks. There are two types of racing tracks i.e. 1) legal and 2) Illegal. Nowadays the most popular racing is “car (vehicles) racing”. There are people who are fond of adventures and they choose to do the car racing in the hardest race track to feel the thrill. 

Nowadays people are passionate about motorsport and the number of racing tracks is available all around the world. The high-speed motor racing, game-changing chance for overtaking brings amazing excitement in the game or in competition. In terms of race lovers, “the race is all about fun and thrilling”. 

You guess it right, Here we will see hardest race tracks around the world:

Targa Florio

If you are going on this racing track then you will be facing big problems during traveling on this 45-mile long road. The problem includes mud, mountain road, gravel, and many more things. This is the race track where Giulio Masetti died in 1926. During the 1974 world championship, this race track was declared as “too dangerous” racing track. Now it’s up to you whether you want to go here or not!!!!!


This is a very famous and hardest racing track which is located in Stavelot, Belgium. This racing track ended the life of 23 drivers. This race track went through several changes after the death of several drivers. In 1979 this race track compressed from 14.10 km to 6.95 km. 

Autodromo Nazionale Monza

This track was reopened in 1922 and during racing, it took the life of 52 drivers and 35 audiences. If we talk about the past then it took more lives than 1922. In 1961, Formula 1 cars were banned because of their high speed. This car took the life of Wolfgang von Trips.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

This track is situated in Speedway, Indiana, in the United States.  This race track took the life of 43 competitors with 13-year-old Peter Lenz. 

Now you know the hardest race tracks, you decide whether you want to go there or not. After all, life is more precious than money.

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