There’re absolutely no signs of a ceasefire in the ongoing supremacy battle of attrition between Porsche and Nissan. The two heavyweights have since been squaring it out for so much time and there exists a real danger on whoever is seated on the throne. It’s a simple game: 911 Turbo vs. GT-R, pretender vs. champion, as the true champion is yet to be seen. This is a close look at what the various design models that the two possess and how their make aids them.



Over the past several years, the price of GT-R has seen a significant increase. Back in 2009, it went for $148,800. When you look at its current market price, a new entry level variant premium trades for $172,000. This could be termed as a pocket-friendly vehicle that anyone can ride.

Double the price of the GT-R and still, you are not yet close to getting the base 911 Turbo that goes for $366,500 in price. This comes from having its parts transformed at a high price. It is, therefore, a real deal of cash when it comes to having this one.

Engine and transmission system

The 911 claims a 0-100km/h in just 3.4 seconds which further lowers when you activate sport plus drive from the Sport Chrono options box. It also has a 3.8 liter flat six’s tune capacity to give out 383kW power which also equates to 6000-6500rpm and another 660Nm (1950-5000 rpm). The sports Chrono has an extra 50Nm to give an over-boost in launching smart control milking. The German machine, on the other hand, puts into action7 speed, double clutch system in use. It also comes preinstalled with software programs that control most of the vehicle control system. The models that were tested by motor authority was fitted with a set of porsche bc coilovers, not only do these give the vehicle somewhat of an advantage over the factory setup but they put both vehicle on an even playing ground.


To counter this, the Nissan GT-R 2016 Edition comes in second with a 2.7 seconds. It also boasts of 404kW/h (6400rpm) and a capacity of 3.8 liter V6, which is Porsche crushing. Has 628Nm to give a maximum 3200-5800rpm band. This Japanese model has had an improved powertrain. It channels its torque through a transaxle-style, six-speed double clutch transmission as well as a very adaptive all-wheel drive system. It is also comes backed by differentials that are track friendly.

Urban and highway driving conditions

The Nissan is the best version of its design and possesses some smooth three dampers to make it sports class at all time. In general, it starts jiggling in the ride and could thud or jolt out ultimately over a square edge of the road that is imperfect. The steering also gives you some off-centering especially when you’re negotiating a corner. The seating is also moderately low with the leather being rather supple and when puffed, they become less contoured in shape.






The Porsche, however, gives the great feeling of being in paradise. Just with little adjustments you get to have the perfect drive position. All of the controls just fall in place on your hand with maximum comfort measured by the unmatched support everywhere the driver needs. Its adaptive damper system gives the feeling of a default ride as the driver becomes even more connected to the road. The steering has an all-wheel position that makes turning much tighter when you get close to anything circular unlike in the Nissan. It has some direction finders which allow you to get the feeling of the drive even as you bump into a small rock.

Driving through the country back-road

The GT-R powertrain will up the revs, sharpen throttle and set the gearbox in the killing mood. This makes every twitch of your right foot create an explosive acceleration you need. It has the pause before action activated by the gearbox’s shuffle sequentially from the previous gear to the new gear.

Porsche in the other hand is thriftier getting to move on in any terrain whether sport or regular drive and adapts quickly to driver’s will. This makes sure that even if you drive near a cliff, and it’s raining, you get the swiftest ride of the day.

Though gt3rs is wildly expensive, you don’t finish off a ride in the car and still come out wondering where you could make some improvement. It will make sure that you just get the real experience for the money you spend on it to the last penny. This Porsche 911 is an intelligent vehicle that makes you instantly feel in control, you feel like it’s something out of this world. However much we may try to compare the two motor heavyweights, one thing remains unchanged and outstanding in all of this. Nissan GT-R remains the challenger to the master’ of the automotive heavyweight crown while Porsche 911 Turbo continues to be the proud defending champion until a time when another challenge will be brought that is worth overthrowing.

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