This is my favorite topic. As I started watching racing movies with Fast Saga which is my all-time favorite. Now I’m waiting eagerly for F9. If I talk about my favorite movies then it will start from fast and furious and end with fast and furious so let’s talk about people’s choice movies.

Here we will see the top five movies which are my all-time favorite:

The Fast and The Furious

Don’t laugh! As I said I won’t talk about my favorite movie but this movie I can’t skip it. This movie is one of the iconic movies in the world of racing. Sports enthusiasts can’t skip this movie. Especially those people who loved Paul Walker from the heart. 


Senna was a much-awaited movie as it was a documentary movie on the life of Ayrton Senna. He was an extraordinary driver undoubtedly. In this movie, you must have seen lots of emotions. If you are an F1 superfan then you can’t miss this movie. 

Le Mans (1971)

This movie captured all the amazing moments of racing drivers. It is one of the most enthusiastic movies, if you miss it then you should watch it once. 

Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)

Did you see the original Gone in 60 Seconds???? If “No” then you must watch it. It is a full car-chasing action movie. If you are a fan of action movies then you can’t afford to miss it.


Are you searching for a Formula One’s drivers movie??? Then this is your movie. This is one type of documentary movie. In this movie, you will watch the danger which drivers face every day. This movie took interviews with well-known personalities.

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